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June 24, 2013
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*Day one*

     I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamed that I was kidnapped by the Hetalia characters. There was America, England, France, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain and Italy. It was the best. But my dreams ended when I bright light made contact with my eyes. As my eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the great light. I finally noticed I was not in my room. I imminently went into a sitting position looking around seeing my surrounding. I was in a room with (F/c) walls and ceiling. There were two doors one on the east side of the room and one on the west. There was a fairly sized window next to your bed. The bed was huge though it seemed like you could fit like 20 people in it? The floor is a light brown color and there sat my suit case next to the bed. There was also a dresser but that was really it. The room seemed a little empty.

     After taking a little look around I realized that my dream was REAL.

*Five minutes later after a total fangasum*    

     As soon as I called down I grabbed my suit as and took out a (f/c) t-shirt and a simple pair of blue skinny tight jeans. Also grabbing a pair of black slip on shoes. I went to the door on the east side of the room but I must say that is not a hall way. This is the biggest bathroom you had ever seen there was another door on the right. It slid open … yep biggest closet you have ever seen and more cloths and stuff then you could count. All you did was close the door; walk out of the bathroom closed that door and walked away. With that I went to the west side which was the hall way door. I walked door the ghostly hall way with many doors. But I found a light at the end of the hall.

    There sitting in the living room the living and breathing…GERMANY!! He seemed to not notice me as a had a mental fan girl melt down. But soon I contained myself and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see me.

*Germany's point o’ view*

     When I turned around I met a pair of (e/c) looking at me with glee. This took me aback thus making me fall over.

     “A-are you ok?” (f/n) well this is not embarrassing

     “J-ja I’m fine thank you for asking.” But before I could stand up a hand came in front of my face. I looked to see (f/n) holding her hand out to me with a smile. Of course I blushed at this, but I still grabbed her hand.

*Your point o’ view*

     OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! YOU ARE HELPING GERMANY UP AND HOLDING HIS HAND! Calm down; calm down breath in breath out.

     “Danke for helping me up (f/n).”

     “Um how do you know my name?” I tilted my head a bit and I almost laughed of how hard Germany was blushing.

     “Uh we all learned your name so we could all talk to you properly without saying ‘What’s your name’.” Now it is my turn to blush. Germany oh why Hetalia character why!?

     “Um can I have breakfast if you would not mind?”

     “Oh sure the kitchen is through that door. You can have whatever you want.”

     “Thanks~.” When you walk through the door making sure no one was in there even Canada. FAN SPAZUM!

*tiny time skip*

     How many of those am I going to have here… a lot? I looked around the kitchen to see (Your fav dish) on one of the counters. You walked over to it to see a note.

Dear, (F/n)

     Good morning (F/n)! I made this just for you chica I hope you enjoy~. Sorry I am not there I have to pick up Romano and help him move in, but I will see you later~.
                                                                                                                                               Sincerely, Spain

     Spain. I. Love. You. YES FOOD FROM SPAIN AH~! No, no calm down no fangasuming. Just when I was about to eat I heard the door open. There stood a very known person for not liking it when you touch him. Japan.

     “U-um good morning (F/n). How was your sleep?” He looked very tense ask this question but this is japan we are talking about.

     “I slept fine Japan thank you.” Japan must be more of a nervous wreck then I thought because it look like his face was about to blow into flames. I gave a little laugh which just made Japan blush even more if that was even possible. So he just ran out of there yeah Japan bravest soul ever in the world. But I just started eat pretending that did not just happen. Spain is an AWEsome cook! The (y/f/d) was amazing it almost taste just like your mom’s cooking. After you finished you cleaned your plate and put it on the counter. When you walked out the door you met…

HEY PEOPLEZ~! I HOPE YOU LIKE PART TWO OF KIDNAPPED AND RUNNING AWAY! If you have any request tell me in the comments or in my journal REQUEST'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me what you are thinking about the series. I have other stories and I will put a link to chapter 1&3 and the pic
Chapter one:…
Chapter three:…
Also tell me who you want to end up first so you know I can write it also all the countries will have there own ending with you or your Oc
:iconhetalia: does not belong to me
and right now you are going though stuff
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